Isaac Sixtus Chizaram is a highly skilled and experienced Brand Experience Designer with over 5 years of professional experience in the field of visual communication, graphic design, and marketing. With a solid understanding of marketing principles, print and advertising techniques, he has successfully delivered top-notch results for clients on a global scale. Isaac is a dedicated team player who is committed to finding creative solutions to problems and delivering projects on time. He is passionate about his work and always strives to create outstanding experiences for his clients.

He has previously solved design problems at different companies like Hovercast, HumanGuild, ApolloGraphQl and a few to mention. He's a founder of a well-known pan-African design community "Creative Discourse' and a Council member for CuratorsDAO and Web3 Afrika.

He has given talks/workshops at design/open source conferences around the globe at Modern Frontends London 2023, Web3Con by Developer_DAO 2022, UX Professionals Washington 2020, Open Up Summit Asia 2021, iMakeFOSS 2021, Friends of Figma Nigeria, FOSSASIA Singapore, FOSDEM Belgium, CoscupXRubyConf Taiwan, and among many, he was one of the program members of the DrupalCon North America ,Track Board Drupal Con Europe, Creative Discourse, and various other communities empowering Africa and the world.

He has contributed to Drupal, Linux Foundation Public Health, Indian Open Source Organization, Python, Open Source Design.

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Interactive/Brand Designer


Aug 2021 - Oct 2022 - 1 year 3 months

  • Designed and improved the visual experience of interactive livestreams. Collaborated with product team to create brand, interactive & marketing designs for internal projects. We ve worked with Clients like Youtube, Expo Dubai 2020, Bernie Sanders, Audi, Wisdems etc

  • In this company as the first hired Interactive/Brand Designer in a team of 12 , My manager commended me when I helped increase sales in Q2 of 2022.

    This happened because I led the interactive overlays and graphics for the virtual live streaming show in that accrued over 50 millions views across all streaming platforms

  • This greatest show was talked about across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region and later on received 29 awards at the gamification and design concept I incorporated made it an interesting show to watch, this virtual event further attracted clients like Youtube, Wisdems, Meta etc to work with the company

  • Unlocked another stellar achievement at this previous role where I led the branding for a blockchain multiplayer game Hovercats from scratch. Produced designs across a variety of formats including logos, animation, visual identities, social media, website, physical environments and more.

This helped the company meet and exceed every deadline and goal.

Senior Brand Designer

HumanGuild by NEAR Protocol

May 2021 - June 2022 - 1 year 4 months

  • Produced agency-quality, intelligence-driven creative solutions that leverage client insights and direct marketing industry best practices√≠

  • Developed the brand system, decks, brand messaging and merchandise, etc for the team at Human Guild (NEAR Protocol) which improved brand consistency for 6 teams

  • Led the rebranding for the most prominent podcast show on NEAR; Next Creators Podcast

  • Contributed to projects that raised over $10M in funding by exploring my presentation design skills in creating high converting pitch deck

  • Worked with editorial, product marketing, social and creative teams to design marketing assets which improved ad performance by 19%

Brand Designer


Sep 2020 - Oct 2020 - 1 month

  • Designed all layouts/e-banner screens for Apollo Day, a virtual tech event on Twitch which reached over 20,000 developers

  • Collaborated closely with Marketing, PR and Developer Relations to design appealing graphics, boosting social engagement by 32

  • Used creative assets to create overlays, svg icons and elements for the virtual live-streaming event

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